Two Roads Diverged in a Wood: Gifts for a New Direction

Many of our memorable Mileposts occur when we set off in a new direction: we choose the road less traveled. Once we step out, we’re in new territory. Everything is about to change. We can’t go back. It’s thrilling and terrifying in equal parts. The most obvious life event in this category is a wedding. […]

When You Believe in Things That You Don’t Understand: Very Superstitious Gifts

Have you ever received a superstitious gift?   A few years ago, a good friend/colleague presented me with mooncakes for the Asian Moon Festival.   He explained that it was part of his culture’s superstitions. It prompted an interesting discussion because he used the term deliberately. Although it was a tradition to give mooncakes, he was motivated […]

The Inside Scoop on an Inside Joke

Some of my favorite gifts have been inspired by an inside joke. A few years ago, my childhood best friend gave me the CD of John Denver and the Muppets: a Christmas Together.  Growing up, Kathy and I decorated a small Christmas tree together every December, while listening to John Denver and the Muppets on […]

From the Shire to the Oscars, Great Event Gifts have 5 Things in Common

If we’re going to brainstorm iconic events that inspire epic gift giving, two spectacular shindigs are going to make the list: – Bilbo Baggin’s long-expected, eleventy- first birthday celebration, and – the Oscars. It’s because the gifts at these parties strategically contribute to the mystique of the evenings. They help create, in Bilbo’s words, “a […]

Creating Business Traditions in Non- Traditional Businesses

Do you have any unique traditions that you celebrate? Our family started a tradition around Groundhog’s Day. It was my husband’s idea. And it was a stroke of genius. Many years ago, on a fateful February 1st, he gave each of our daughters a brown sock. “It’s for the Great Groundhog,” he explained. If they […]

How to Give a Memorable Gift

What makes a memorable gift? Often, it’s the story- the people and experiences surrounding the gift- that makes it memorable. A few years ago, I received a memorable gift: a chef’s knife from a professional chef. When we lived in Chicago, we hosted parties for international graduate students through an organization sponsored by Northwestern University. […]

Milepost Mementos

“Are we there yet?” I count myself lucky that my 12-year-old son loves a good road trip as much as I do. But this summer, he uttered those dreaded words. At the time, it was a good question, and one that I was also asking myself. Ten minutes away from our hotel in Glenwood Springs, […]

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